How to backup your System drives on external HDD

Hi. Last days I made an update to my system, I replaced my HDD with an SSD. After a couple of days I decided to keep my old HDD into the laptop as a storage drive. Therefore, I found an awesome solution, using and HDD Caddy/adapter, I was able to replace my optical drive (never used it in the last year) with my old HDD.

how to backup data

Also, I have an external drive that I want to use it as an backup (not a big fan of storing all my personal data on cloud services).

In conclusion my system is composed from: Drive C (SSD, system), Drive D (local HDD, storage), Drive G: (external HDD, backup).

I searched for some solutions to do the backup and I think the best one is to create a “System Image Backup“. To do this you have to:

1. Search for Backup using Windows Search Read More