2 Ways to Reset Windows10 Password

You just have many passwords for quite a number of systems that you keep forgetting which is which. Remembering your password means that the use of the computer and installation of any program will not be possible. Microsoft goes ahead and makes it difficult to rest your password. Maybe you have a complicated password; you can avoid that for the sake of your memory. Below are some guidelines on how best you can get your password back.

Part 1. Rest Using Microsoft account 

Almost everyone now uses Microsoft account to log into window since the windows 8. Using  another computer visit windows live password reset page just in case you forgot your Microsoft account password. The page is found on the Microsoft website then reset the password quickly. You notice a relatively easy way as compared to locally resetting the account’s password. 


You will need to have a Microsoft account to access the following steps. In places you have a local account the option stages will not be available. In straightforward stages in the lock screen click the link that highlights I forgot my pin. In case you have multiple accounts be sure to click the right or else you will end up getting more frustrated than relieved. An empty slot appears above it requests that you feed your Microsoft password. Fill and click next command. From the drop-down menu clicks the email recovery request. There will be a hidden part of the process, do complete it and click next. A verification code will be sent either to your phone or to the email you provided. Enter the code provided and allow the system to validate the characters fed once there click next. 

In the cases where you never received the verification code, there is always an option of re-sending it, requests if that happens. Then on the provision of another code fed it in the slot and just click next to proceed. The screen highlights a few commands asking you whether you are sure to move with the recovery. If by now you can remember your password there is a cancel command button.

If the new password does not work, restart the computer and sign in again. Note your password somewhere you will remember and let it be easy to avoid a repeat.  

Part 2. Reset windows10 password with Password Recovery Tool 

Here we recommend using iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery pro, which can be used to reset any windows computer forgotten password. This tool can be written on a USB stick or a CD. It is a bootable image hence after booting from iSeePassword USB or live CD; you are now in the position to view all your local accounts.  

Once in select one of the local accounts and click the reset password command. The program in the selected account will check the status of the report and the following tasks to help sort the password issue. If the windows account password is protected, remove the password. Switch to a local account the associated Microsoft account. Promote to the administrator the limited or the selected standard user. If the account is disabled, activate it.  

Unlocked your account and you are in! You can restart the computer in case the new password is sluggish to comply. For security reasons practice the how to create a windows10 password reset disk, this is convenient for you if you use complicated passwords. Remember to set a new password much more accessible to remember than the previous one or just note it down somewhere.

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