EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Review

Have you ever had the bad inspiration to delete important files? What about formatting a usb/sd drive with all your vacation photos? How did you felt and what you did to recover your lost data?

Let me guess … a void in your chest, goosebumps and a “WTF did I just done” moment. If you are like me, this is not gonna last more than a couple of minutes until you will start searching for solutions to recover your data. You start testing a lot of trial softwares with the hope that none of this will change your drive settings or lost your data for good. Deleting your files (even from Trash) does not mean they are lost … you might have big chances to recover it … same with formatting an entire drive, SD card or USB memory.

Storing digital data  became quite reliable with modern solutions: SSD, HDD, USB drives, SD cards, internal device storage … Multiple technologies are used to protect your data from accidental loss (e.g. OS failures, file corruption, removing USB devices while still in use, accidental deletion or format). This is why even if it looks that you might lost your data for good, you still have a big chance to recover it. One important thing you need to remember: your data storage is limited and overwriting data will make the recovery process impossible.

Therefore, if you just lost some data you need to:

  1. Keep your drive safe and stop using it for data transfer. Recover your data before any other changes to it.
  2. Use another drive to save your recovered data
  3. Use a trusted/safe/reliable recovery software

One of the software I’ve tested in the last week is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. From the beginning I have to say I was impressed. I simulated a data loss: delete my photos from my SD card and use EaseUS to recover them. And I had the big surprise that all my photos were recovered and also some extra stuff. I used this SD card to play music in my car before putting it in a photo camera … and the big surprise was that my music was still there … and I was able to recover it as well. This pus some thoughts and questions in my mind and I start digging in order to understand how this magic works. And also made me think that if you need to destroy your data you really need to make some effort (don’t sell your hard drive or your phone or camera before being sure your personal data is deleted for good).

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is safe and easy. I’ll show you the process after I delete all the content from my SD card:

1. Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard -> let all the options selected and click Next

2. Select my SD Card (“Untitled”) and click Scan

3. A fast scan will be performed and a list of files will show. If the files listed are what you need. Then select the desired files and click Recover. Otherwise click on Deep Scan.

4. A bigger list of files might show up. Select the desired files and Recover.

5. Select the location you want to save your recovered files. I used a folder from my Desktop

And that’s all. It was a simple test but I didn’t stopped here. I format the SD card and check again this recovery process … the deep scan was able to recover all the data after the format. Then I format the card (ExFAT) again using Mac file system (Mac OS Extended – Journaled). The simple fast scan was not able to find any file but the deep scan found all my data. For some music files, if I listen them I feel some short crack sound, like in the old vinyl’s but that is pretty acceptable.

I also made tests for text files, documents, zips and install packages and I obtain an almost 100 percent rate of success.  That was so impressive. I was not able to check any damaged/restored hardware or corrupt devices. But this may be subject to a different and more elaborated recovery process that involves hardware intervention.

As a simple user, using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard was a from very nice up to impressive experience. I felt that is scanning and recover data in a safe way due to the fact that I was able to recover the same data so many times after deletion, multiple formats and different tries to corrupt the data. The results and the rate of success was impressive and I really like the simplicity of the entire process.

So, if you are trying to recover any of your data then you should definitely consider using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. With the trial version you can make a very good idea for how all this process works and how much of your data can be recovered.


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