How I restored my Windows 7 default fonts

Well … it happen to me to have installed on my computer a lot of additional new fonts. Around 2000. Some of them ware installed manually but most of them was found on a collection on the internet. After I installed all this fonts I start to experience a lot of problems with the way some websites and applications were showing information (strange scripts or ugly fonts). The problem was that I replaced some of the default fonts and the only solution was to restore my windows font folder to its default form. For that I followed this steps:

1. I went to C:\Windows\Fonts (C:\ is my Windows drive) and I deleted as much fonts as i could. (ctrl+a to select all and delete key to delete … skipped where the system couldn’t remove the files)

2. Download the default Font folder (.zip file, 183MB):

Download “Windows 7 Default Font Folder” – Downloaded 38714 times – 183 MB

3. Extract the content of that folder.

4. Select all the files in the extracted folder (ctrl+a)

5. Right click and select Install

And that’s it. Hope you’ll enjoy. The post picture can be found here.

[UPDATE] In case you need to download Windows 8 Fonts click here.