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Sony’s Vaio products are sold with Windows. Unlike other products, Sony integrates drivers software along with Windows operating system and offers the possibility of recovering using a special partition on the HDD. So, in case problems occur it is easy to restore your system to factory settings using only Vaio software (VAIO Recovery [...]

Disk formatting is a computing process that prepares an disk drive to his first use or rebuild it from scratch. The disk formatting includes erase all data and rebuild the system files architecture. There are two different types of formats: one made in the factory (just one time and it’s made by the producer) and [...]

A friend ask me a few days ago: What should I do for sharing my internet connection (Ethernet cable) with my wireless mobile using my Laptop? The solution that I will present below can also be applied to desktop PC who has a wireless network card and an internet connection via LAN/Dial-Up/Broadband (generally a cable). In [...]

MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a network adapter or a network interface card by the manufacturer. It is also known as an Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA), hardware address, adapter address, or physical address. You may be in a situation when you may want to change this MAC address to one [...]

You can take a screen shot of your pc in 2 different ways in Windows Vista or Windows 7. First, the classic one (works on Windows XP to). 1. Press “Prt Scr” key. Windows will copy to the clipboard a capture of the entire screen. 2. Open Paint application (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories) than hold [...]

If you have more than one web browser you should know how to setup your windows to know which browser is used by default. A web browser is a software application who is used to surf and open internet pages. There are a few web browser that you may use or heard about: Internet Explorer [...]