Sony’s Vaio products are sold with Windows. Unlike other products, Sony integrates drivers software along with Windows operating system and offers the possibility of recovering using a special partition on the HDD. So, in case problems occur it is easy to restore your system to factory settings using only Vaio software (VAIO Recovery Center).

VAIO Recovery Center allows you to creating backups and restore your windows, hardware diagnostics, reinstall programs or drivers, wipe and erase data, creating recovery disks or erase all data and restore your system to factory settings. And you can do that with just 2-3 clicks.

As I said above, Vaio systems package do not include recovery discs but Sony provides us the applications needed to create them. Recovery discs are used when the system does not work properly or it does not work at all. So, it is recommended to have, besides VAIO Recovery Center software, the recovery discs.

To create your Vaio Recovery Disks you have to follow some really simple steps.

1. Open VAIO Recovery Center from Start ->All Programs -> VAIO Recovery Center -> VAIO Recovery Center

2. Select Create Recovery Discs from the right menu that hit Start.

3. Next

4. Create disks, at your choice – 2 DVD or one Double Layer DVD than click Next.

That should be all. You have to insert DVD in your optical drive and VAIO Recovery Center Tool will do the job.

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