8 New Apps in Windows 8.1: Alarms, Calculator, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Help and Tips, Reading List, Scan and Sound Recorder

new windows apps

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 will bring you some of new features and also a couple of new Apps.

When you visit Start page, you will have an arrow in the bottom side that can took you to the complete list of apps installed on your device. Here you will see new apps that are notify using the word “NEW” until you have the first visit.

Alarm App Read More

The Windows 8.1 Preview is here. Upgrading from 8.1 – Step by Step pictures

Today is the day. Microsoft released the the Windows 8.1 Preview. For those who already have Windows 8 on their devices and are thinking about updating to Windows 8.1 I will present you the upgrading process. The Windows 8.1 is offered via Store app and no disks or usb memory are required to get the update. The download size is about 2.4 GB and you need around 30 minutes to get the job done after downloading.

In order to upgrade your Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 you have to follow this steps:

1. Visit Microsoft Windows 8.1 download page and click on “Get the update” button. Read More