Windows 10 Pro Default Fonts Download

Some time ago I’ve offerent an easy way to repair your damaged Fonts or to simply clean your “Fonts” folder for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Now is time to offer the same for Windows 10.

Therefore, if you have Windows 10 and if you change some system fonts you might get into trouble. Some programs will show you strange characters instead of letter or strange fonts (in the wrong place). For this kind of trouble, a simple solution that I recommend is to simply restore the default Fonts folder. And this is how you can do this:

1. Go to C:\Windows\Fonts (where C:\ is my Windows drive) and delete as much fonts as you can. (ctrl+a to select all and delete key to delete … skipped where the system couldn’t remove the files)

2. Download the default Font folder  (.zip file, 183MB):

Download “Windows 10 Default Fonts Folder” uc – Downloaded 38878 times –

3. Extract the content of that folder.

4. Select all the files in the extracted folder (ctrl+a)

5. Right click and select Install

Have fun!


  1. Can you message me the link to the Windows 10 default font folder? I would love to finally have my fonts working again! Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for the simple steps. This might fix my font problem. Two questions. 1. The title says for Windows 10 Pro, Is it alright to use in W10 Home? 2. I unzipped the file and see there are 329 different fonts. My current fonts folder only has 77 fonts. Why the big difference? Did you add extra fonts? Just wondering. Thanks again! :)

    1. Hi Peter … glad you like the post … I’ve just done a clean Windows 10 installation and copy the Fonts Folder into that archive… no changes to the original fonts and no extra fonts added.

      It should work fine with Windows 10 Home too… not sure why you have only 77 fonts :)

      All the best!

    1. indeed, Dropbox has a temporary problem with public link. Please try again … you will be redirect to random download locations (dropbox, onedrive, google drive or local host).

  3. Hi,… I did like what you said. opposite to others. didn’t fix my issue.
    previously I tried to install bulk of fonts so all my fonts get missed up.
    then I tried to install your fonts with enabling replace file option when it appears, the fonts changed but not to the default ones.
    note that I use English & Arabic fonts, and both not fixed.
    I’ll be thankful if you can guide me.

  4. Hi, Thanks so much. It is so easy and really works. I tried more possibilities and these fonts and so easy procedur really works. Thank you very much.. Rudolf

  5. You saved my life T_____T I accidentally deleted a bunch of fonts including, I’m pretty sure, some system fonts. Google Chrome wasn’t working and neither was the start menu. This has been an emotional rollercoaster OMG I cannot express my gratitude

  6. Unfortunately that link is disabled. Send me another link asap, please.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Umm, Is this a virus? When I extracted the file windows explorer entered a crash loop and after fixing that, any interaction with the folder causes crashes? No virus detected though, just a bit weird.

    1. Strange … no virus, for sure … you only have original font files. Extract it with different name and try again … not sure why is causing you trouble…

  8. Thank you so much, my problem is that when I want to bold my text using the times new roman font it always become italicized. Now I can complete my thesis.

  9. Bogdan, I have way too many fonts on my system and my graphics software keeps crashing. Can I delete all the files and then just reinstall the Windows ones from your zip folder? Will everything work okay after that? Tammy

    1. Exactly … you can’t delete all the fonts, some will ask for skipping.

  10. Also I’m specifically looking for Arial Nova I cant seem to see that name in the list of fonts, do you if it is included in the file?

  11. I was seeing bold fonts that were more bold than normal and following the above instructions worked for me though I didn’t bother deleting the existing fonts first. Thank you!

  12. I have to admit you have guts to keep pirated Microsoft stuff on their own server. I hope you’ve read EULA and the part of redistributing the system or any part. BTW if you have legal system you can rebuild fonts without having to download such warez.

  13. Thanks man! You have to press multiple time on download until the google drive pops up. The One Drive is not available any more.