Windows CE Keyboard Shortcuts / Hotkeys List

Sometimes you have to work with some old devices. Some of them are based on Windows CE operating system. Running into trouble with this devices is quite a pain. Fortunately, if you connect a keyboard you can use a lot of shortcuts to find a work around and troubleshoot.

Ctrl + Alt + Equal (=) Calibrate Touch
Shift + Shift Caps Lock
Fn + Ctrl Numlock, Numeric Keypad
Alt + Ctrl Alt Tap (Right Click)
Alt + Up Key Page Up
Alt + Down Key Page Down
Alt + Left Key Home
Alt + Right Key End
WinKey + Esc Toggle open windows
WinKey (or) Ctrl + Esc Display Start Menu
WinKey + M Minimise All
WinKey + – PC Link
WinKey + / Stylus Configuration Properties
WinKey + C Control Panel
WinKey + E Windows Explorer
WinKey + Run Run Dialogue
WinKey + H Help
WinKey + i Stylus Properties
WinKey + K Keyboard Properties
WinKey +  Space Bar Windows Shortcut Key Help
WinKey + TAB Minimise All
Alt + Tab Task Manager
Ctrl + Alt + Del Task Manager
Ctrl + Alt + Backspace Task Manager
Alt + Esc Cycle Open Windows
Ctrl + A Select All
Alt + Enter Right Tap, Properties
Alt + H Help (in most programs)

How to browse the internet while making a phone call?

I am a big fan of Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app. This app is sending and receiving data and this requires a permanent internet connection. From time to time I also have to make or receive a phone call. My car has a build in Bluetooth interface so my calls are quite easy to be made using my steering wheel controls. This is just one example of browsing internet while making a phone call. You can also imagine a lot more…. like a friend is asking you to share a link, you just put the call on speaker and start browsing or open an app… or you are  using your phone to share its internet connection with your laptop – making a phone call should not disable your internet connection.

In order to be able to browse internet during a phone call you need two components:
1. a compatible phone (4G/LTE)
2. network coverage (4G LTE network)

Be sure you enable your 4G for both voice & data. For example, on your iPhone go to Settings → Mobile Data → Mobile Data Options → Enable 4G and Select “Voice & Data”.

Remeber that due to network coverage, your phone will automatically switch between 4G, 3G, E … older network protocols will disable your internet connection, the phone call has priority.