How do I create a backup disks for Sony Vaio?

Sony’s Vaio products are sold with Windows. Unlike other manufacturers, Sony integrates drivers software along with Windows operating system and Sony Apps in a special partition on the HDD to offer the possibility of recovering or repair the software problems without using any optical disks or other external devices. So, in case problems occur it is easy to restore your Vaio System to factory settings using only a software tool named VAIO Recovery Center.

VAIO Recovery Center allows you to create backup points and restore your windows, to create hardware diagnostics, or you can have the possibility of reinstall programs or drivers, wipe and erase data, creating recovery disks or erase all data and restore your entire system to factory settings… and you can do that with just 2-3 clicks.

As I said above, Vaio systems package do not include recovery discs but Sony provides the application needed to create them. Recovery discs are used when the system does not work properly or it does not work at all. So, it is strongly recommended to have, besides VAIO Recovery Center software, the recovery discs.

To create your Vaio Recovery Disks you have to follow some really simple steps.

1. Open VAIO Recovery Center from Start ->All Programs -> VAIO Recovery Center -> VAIO Recovery Center

2. Select Create Recovery Discs from the right menu that hit Start.

3. Next

4. Create disks, at your choice – 2 DVD or one Double Layer DVD than click Next.

That should be all. You have to insert DVD in your optical drive and VAIO Recovery Center Tool will do the job.


    1. That’s OK. The number of disks needed may be different from a model to another.

      1. sir i have a problem with my sony vaio.. pls give me an assistance i want to recover my factory files but i dont have recovery disk and i deleted my system recovery…

  1. I initially used a dvd RW – i formatted but then it said it couldnt be used. i tried a b;lank dvd – now im stuckat 25 percent of backup process EVERYTIME – this is so frustratin i paid 1500@ for a sony labtop now i cant get a frikkin disc?


  2. i didn’t make the backup disk then there is a viruses get in it i clean it up then i made the backup
    there is any problem?

  3. A stupid IT technician has deleted the recovery partition from my Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37. Now I have a laptop without Windows XP on it and without any recovery disks. Is there any possibility to make myself a recovery disk, so I don’t have to pay to Sony ?

  4. Hi. I just got a Vaio, preloaded with Windows 7. I plan to create the Recovery Discs and then partition the drive. Would I need to re-install the OS after partitioning ? Or is it not needed ? Please help. Thanks.

    1. I have an older model of Sony with Windows Vista. When I upgrade (actually a clean install) to Windows 7 I was able to create partitions. I guess that’s the easiest way.

      If you want to keep your data and configurations is a little bit more complicated. You can find some software to do the job but I personally never use one. As I know you basically have to create a restore disk (or use a flash drive) of you OS, delete and repartition your HDD and then use the disk to restore your OS on your C: drive.

      Tip: when you make operations with your HDD, you should allays keep an external backup of your data (external HDD, USB flash, DVD, CD).

  5. Hi. Thanks for the inputs. I didn’t have any data on as it’s new. I managed to partition it successfully without losing the OS or any program files. (Computer, Manage, Disk Management, Shrink Volume). But, I did create the registry DVDs first. :) TY.

  6. click on start menu go to all programs click on VAIO care
    click on recovery and restore then select recovery
    click on recovery Media

    click one next

    in 4.7 DVD 3
    In 8.5 DVDS 2…

  7. i hav eh26en vaio nd i hv nt created recovery dis nd mah vaio’s windows profile has got courrupetd nw wht shud i do hw could i get mah recovery nd genuine win 7 back…help me

  8. Hello, I have recently purchased Sony Vaio E series, the operating system of my Machine is Windows 7 home edition. I have installed many programs. The windows update automatically so total installation on my machine is up to 63GB including updates. Now I want to create a backup disk. I will be much grateful if someone help me, how to create a backup desk and how many DVDs I would need?

  9. @rushab open your pc’s bios and enable boot from cd. Insert your first recovery disk in the optical drive and and save. This will restart your computer and ask to boot from disk. Hit any key, boot from disk, and follow the instructions. It should be easy from this point.

    @Mushtaq … I can personally hep you in weekend. We can find a good hour when we are both available and I can remotely show you how to create your recovery disks. Just let me know if that’s all right with your!

  10. Hello, I have recently purchased Sony Vaio E series, the operating system of my Machine is Windows 7 home edition. I have installed many programs. The windows update automatically so total installation on my machine is up to 90GB including updates. Now I want to create os backup can some one help me.

    1. Do you want to create a backup of all your file or a backup to your initial OS (Windows with original programs and without updates and personal files) ?

      In case you want a copy of your OS without any of your personal changes that those recovery disks will include a factory state copy of your OS (Windows).

      In case you need a backup of your entire HardDrive then you can use the Back Up option from the recovery tool.
      If you need further guidance please let me know.

  11. Hi
    I am tryin to create recovery disc but a messages comes up n says ‘cannot find the recovery drive. If you have not removed the recovery drive, restarting the system may correct the issue’.
    I’ve tried restarting the computer still same MSG

    1. The massage suggest that you have a problem with the hidden partition where all recovery files are stored. These can be caused by accidental deletion of that partition or a physical problem with your hard disk.

      To check if your VAIO recovery partition is still available on your pc go to “Computer Management” from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools

      Here select “Storage” from the left menu and “Disk Management”. Here you should be able to see a Volume without name with this status: “Healthy (Recovery Partition)”

      1. Thank you so much for this. I have been getting so frustrated with my system and this little gem allowed me to find the recovery partition. You’re the best!

  12. I got a Sony Vaio E series VPCEG28FG. Any idea how many 7GB DVD-R do i need to create my back up?

  13. Follow the recovery steps. At step 4 you will be informed of the required number of DVDs. You can click cancel at that steps and return to the first step without burning out any DVD or make any changes to your PC.

    1. Theoretically no. You can restore your VAIO without any cd/dvd, usb or any other additional disks. That hidden partition has the purpose to keep a copy of windows, drivers and Sony software (all you need to restore your vaio at it’s factory settings). Creating recovery disks means to have an additional copy of the hidden partition.

      But it is highly recommended to keep a copy of those recovery disks. You can use those disks in the unlikely situation when your hidden partion doesn’t work.

  14. How to do a restore at its factory settings…? my recovery hidden partition displayed 11.30GB free space though its capacity is 11.80GB. shal i do anything to restore my files in tat partition?

    1. No … don’t worry about that partition. You don’t have to do any changes, just ignore the fact that your computer have such a partition.

      Only thing your should to is to start VAIO software and follow the recovery instructions.

    1. Hello Mathew. Is similar with this tutorial except the part that your recovery software is called VAIO Care.

      Open VAIO Care and click on “Recovery and rescue”. In de right part or the VAIO Care window you will find these 4 Options:

      1. Reinstall Applications and Drivers
      2. Create recovery media
      3. Recover Computer
      4. BIOS Settings

      Simply choose the second options and follow the steps.

  15. My model is VPCEB36FG. The people at sony store did the recovery process. They gave me 2 DVDs(4.7). But my recovery partition shows 13.5 GB. Is that alright?

    1. Yes … it’s OK. The required amount of space for recovery partition may me different from model to model. Depending on the OS version, drivers and additional software.

      So don’t worry about that.

  16. Hi,
    Is it possible to save these recovery files into a USB drive? If so how I can make it as bootable..?

    1. But why to you need this when you have the recovery partition?

      Anyway … I didn’t tried that and it may be possible. I think maybe you can copy the content of the recovery disks on USB drive and see if is also bootable. I have some doubts but worth trying … If I will ever do this, I’ll let you know if works.

      Thanks for the question.

  17. i just buy new vaio and they ask me to make recovery i do it..ok what i want to know..i using windows 7 home premium and dont want to upgrade but do clean install..after install new windows 7 ultimate, i need to install driver..but how to install it..vaio dont give any driver..can i install just driver from recovery media to my new windows 7 ultimate….

  18. good evening sir…i already created a recovery ,BUT the system says three(3) dvd disc4.7GB successfully created recovery in one disk..and also says insert the another disk i am inserted the disk…loading process failed the second disk i bought again three to create a recovery once again…please answer my question ..

    1. You can simply repeat the process of making the disks.

      Cancel any previous actions or restart your computer and make another disks in the same way as first time.

  19. Hi Bogdan,

    I have Sony Vaio laptop that was pre-installed with Windows 7 basic.I made the recovery disks(4 for my laptop) After one year I have installed Windows 7 ultimate in the C drive keeping the other (D:,E:)drives data. Since Ultimate is not allowing to install some software, I want to switch back to Basic. Is it possible for me to install the 7 Basic OS with my recovery disks with out partitioning the other two drives. If yes please suggest me a way.


    1. Hello … you can follow the instructions from the recovery disks. Did you get 3 partitions (C:, D:, E:) by default or you’ve created them?

      But any way …. an external backup is always good to have for this operations.

  20. I just buy a new vaio laptop with windows 7 Home and I found that there is only one partition of 500 GB. I want at least 3 partition for my data. I created backup DVDs. How can i reinstall the OS by recovery disks with 3 partitions.

    1. Use a normal Windows disk (from Microsoft) and you have there the options for partitioning. Be aware of keeping the Health Partition unchanged.

      Use the serial number found on the sticker from the back of your laptop and install drivers and additional software from the SONY support page.

  21. hi there i have a sony vaio vgn-ns20/s i need to create recovery dvd but it will not let me do this i am using dvd+r will this make any difference please help my laptop is dying….any help please.

    1. No .. any disk should work. You may have damaged the Recovery partition. If this you can get your disks from sony but you have to pay.

  22. Do I need to be online to create recovery discs or can I do this remotely? I am not sure whether the computer need to communicate with any Sony online services to create the recovery discs properly…

    1. Offline is ok. The recovery disks are created from the “Healh/Recovery” hidden partition. You have everything you need on your computer.

  23. my cd drive does not work so i cannot make a cd. is there any way i can make the recovery disk on a pendrive ??

    1. Yes, some VAIO models offers this option with the pendrive.

      Another option is to press F10 or F12 fast after your computer is turned on. There is a build-in recovery tool from VAIO that doesn’t require recovery disks.

  24. Hey bro.. I have Sony Vaio VPCEB26FG model laptop. I want to install fresh copy of windows 7 to my laptop. It came preloaded with 7 Home premium. If I restore to factory settings, will it erase all data on other drives also ?? or only the C drive will be formatted ??

    1. I think you should consider making a backup first while restoring to factory setting will erase all your data.

  25. Dear Sir… My VAIO Model SVE15113EN Laptop’s Total installation is showing 45GB including Updates. Now I want to create a backup disk. So, Approx it may require minimum 12 disc for creating the system Image. So, It looks somewhat difficult for me.. ,I will be much grateful if you can somehow help me, how to create a System Image and how many DVDs I would need?

    1. Hello Sir. Please excuse my extremely late reply.

      There are at least 2 solution that I think are better for you:
      1. An external drive is a lot easier solution for high volume information. Using DVDs may be time consuming and not very productive/efficient. Invest a little more money on a external hard-drive as a backup solution.

      2. Online sync services. Like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, Box … and so on. This solution is based on a online backup of all your file. There is a monthly fee for using this services but may be considered.

      The number of DVDs required for the backup are direct proportional with the space required for your backup. An usually DVD can store around 4.5 GB.

    1. No. If you want to use the recovery option (from windows of with F10/F12) you need to have the partition intact or to use the Recovery Disks.

  26. Hi,

    1.Can I take the recovery in a USB pendrive? it is mentioned as flash drive in the recovery process for sony . Is flash drive and pendrive same?

    2.Can we use the recovery disks of one model to another model?

    1. Hello,

      1. Yes … I think Pendrive is a company but is the same as Flash Drive or Memory Stick.

      2. Not recommended and very often no possible. (because of drivers mismatch and personal Windows Key/Serial)

  27. not able to to start recovery option in vaio care and dialog box is coming insert recovery media and i have not made recovery discs plz help..

    1. If you want to create disks than they will ask you about blank (empty) disks.

  28. I recently got Sony viao laptop E117. When I enter the disk,it will do its job only upto 63%. After that it shows that backup failed. I had lost about 5-7 cd’s trying again and again to backup. P.S HELP ME!!!!’

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I think is good to check if any updates for you recovery software (VAIO Care) is available.

    1. I think you can use the “Shrink” option from Windows 7. Right click on “Computer” and click “Manage”. Browse to Disk Management and right click on C: partition. Then choose “Shrink”.

      Choose the size you need for the new partition and click “Shrink”.

      Some new unallocated volume will appear. Right click on that volume and select “New Simple Volume”.

      *hopefully I will return with a step by step tutorial for this operation. If you can help me with some screenshots about this it would be very nice.

  29. I Have VAIO E-series VPCEB26FG, i have taken Backup into 4 CD’s, but my Colleague is having VAIO E series VPCEB46FG and that’s currently affected by virus, can i use same backup CD’s of VPCEB26FG to VPCEB46FG …

    1. There are a couple of aspects to be considered here.

      1. Each VAIO is bought with a Windows license that is included in those recovery disks/partition. This means that even between same VAIO models, is not recommended to use the same recovery disks.

      2. Different VAIO models may have big hardware mismatch. Those recovery disks includes the drivers that are specific to your model.

      3. There is a better solution for your colleague in order to recover his VAIO. Press F12 after the computer is turned on and go in the build-in recovery tool (without VAIO recovery disks).

      If you need further assistance, let me know.

  30. Hi there,

    I have a Sony Vaio VPCSB4L1E. I have started the creation of recovery disks, but the process failed while burning the first disk. Following that, the option ot create recovery media has disappeared from my Vaio Care menu.
    No problems with the notebook, its just that I would feel better having the discs. Can you recommend anything?
    Also, is it normal for Vaio Care to load up VERY slowly? (Meaning 6-7 minutes before it becomes operational).
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Make a diagnose of your hard drive using the VAIO Care utility or the Recovery tools (restart PC and press F10 when you see the first VAIO logo to enter the build in Recovery tools).

      If there are problems let me know.

      1. Thanks for looking into my question.

        Hard drive diagnosis shows no errors, can you recommend any further / other steps?

        1. Hello … you’re welcome …
          You can try to reinstall VAIO Care application… or … there should be an option like – restore the apps provided by Sony (where no changes to your system are performed, only to the reinstalled software from Sony)

    1. No. If you have a 32bits OS version, your recovery disks will include only that version of your OS.

      Recovery disks includes your original OS (Windows) and all additional softwares and drivers from SONY. There are no other options like changing the version of your OS.

  31. Dear,

    i have VAIO AIO Lseries PC.
    it came shiped with W7 Home Premium, i want to format and install Professional.
    just to keep backup of my original OS, i have created Recovery Discs using Vaio Care utility.
    if i formated and for some reason i wanted to restore my old OS, how can i go through this? i mean are the created discsenugh to boot from it and recover my OS and all its original software? since there will be no more VAIO Care utility while booting!

    thank you

    1. Hello,

      I can’t say that for sure. From my experience with my Sony VAIO PC i tried to use the recovery tools (using F10) to recover my VAIO after a fresh install of Windows 7 over the original Windows Vista. Me Recovery tool message was something like … “the HDD had some changings and can’t be restored on its original form, use the Recovery Disks to perform din action”.

      So, it can be possible to rectore your PC using the recovery disks but right now I can’t tell you that for sure. I will let you know if I will ever try it with my recovery disks.

  32. when I try to create My sony vio E-series notebook , it displays creating and progress bar comletes upto 100% and stop with a notification ” can not start one of program” restart your computer and retry , dvd remains blank , what to do?

  33. when I try to create recovery media in My sony vio E-series notebook , it displays “creating” and progress bar completes upto 100% and Halt with a notification ” can not start one of program” restart your computer and retry , dvd remains blank , what to do?tried saveral times but problem remains as it is.

  34. Hello! I’m trying to make the recovey CDs for my Sony Vaio VPCEH40EB/W, but when the process is going on the system shows me a message. The message says (in portuguese) something like: “It’s not possible to create the disk due recording speed incompatibility. I’m using 8x DVD-R disks. The documentation (in portuguese) says that the notebook recording device works at **** DVD-R recording 8x **** the text extrarcted from de document -> [Unidade Óptica (ODD) Leitor e gravador de CD e DVD (…) **** DVD-R gravação 8x **** (…)]. I tried to discover the recording speed on window end even in the vaio care software, no success! The information seem to be hidden. The optical device itself is a “TSScorp CDDVDW SN-208BB”. I’d be grateful if you could help me. Thanks in advance.

      1. sir bogdan can i ask assistance pls/…. i have my sony vaio vpcrg28.. my laptop is not working properly i wanted to have a recovery disk but i dont have…. i have windows 7 premium sp 1with pre installed vaio…

  35. I’m trying to make recovery disk for my vaio VPCEB4FG model. But when I click on ‘Create recovery media’, it stops responding and closes. What need to be done now. Is there any alternative??

  36. hi sir
    it’s me Kazim ali
    i have sony vaio systom so i have problem with my windows i wanna backup it again.cause effect of how i backup it ?

  37. I have Sony Vaio vgn-ns140E. It got virus. So, I formatted the hard-drive including recovery partition. I have recovery disks. But, the DVD-drive does not read these disks. It gives me error “No System Disk found”. I can use other bootable CD (not DVD) for Linux to boot the laptop. It seems my laptop is able to read CD, but not DVD. How do I make it read DVDs as my recovery disks are on DVD? Or, can I transfer these recovery disks to a USB and try to boot the machine from USB?


  38. hi, i just want to re-install my windows just in order to change the huge space i have in c drive……….. after taking back up of the driver softwares in the dvd’s as u say, what is the next step i should take to format the computer in order to reduce the space i have in c drive and i dont want to put a new windows since what i have now is original……….
    can u tell me the steps to reinstall windows and the method to use the back up data collected in the 2 dvd’s…………

  39. can i make recovery disc on external hard disk /portable hard disc for E series VPCEB16FG MODEL SONY VAIO OF ORIGINAL OS WINDOWS 7 AS i ve recently formatted my c” drive please reply

  40. Our Vaio laptop came up with an issue and had to restore to factory settings, it did a backup onto an external hd, but now I have no idea how to get the backup onto the laptop. The only folders I can find that maybe the backup are dated the same day as the backup was done. Can you advise how I restore the information? I tried the restore function but it was asking for a special type of file. I have no idea.

  41. Hi, I have Sony Vaio laptop model number – VPCEB14EN. I am using it from last 3 years but suddenly it has stopped working, now when I start it goes to blank screen and stays like that but if I start in Safe mode it is starting on.please help me to come out of this problem. Also I dont have the back up CD created dont know what to do now?

  42. sir.mera sony vaio e series vpceb16fg 4 year old h..mere hard disk khrb ho gai h..kya m ab service centre say window dala n k bad again recovery disk generate kar skta hu kya ?

    1. vipin just tap f10 when starting your lappy it will take you to vaio recovery then reset the factory settings.

  43. sir i have a problem with my sony vaio.. pls give me an assistance i want to recover my factory files but i dont have recovery disk

      • Click on Start (7, Vista, XP). …
      • Right-click on My Computer (XP) or Computer (7, Vista). …
      • Left-click on Manage to bring up the Windows Computer Management interface.
      • In the left window, under Storage, click on Disk Management.

      Do you see there a “Recovery Partition”?

  44. I am having sony laptop which is not working properly. even a single drive or folder is unable to open,It is totally hanged. Vaio care is also not working. I tried to format my system using vaio care rescue through a bootable pebdrive, but it is showing that the serial no. is not matched. I think it is happening because i am trying with pirated os. I don’t have any recovery. Is there any way to get the original os back or is there any way to uninstall some softwares even system is not responding?

  45. I am using sony vaio e series laptop(VPCEH36EN) operatiing on windows 8 home basic 64 bit. Can i use DvD-R/8x DL disk to create recovery media. I contact sony custmer care they said either u can use Dvd-R/8x disk or 32GB pendrive.
    Pease help me