My webcam is upside down (vertically inverted) – How to repaire it in Skype?


Two days ago I helped a friend to get its clean install of Microsoft Windows 7 when I run into a problem. While everything was nice and smooth – drivers, office and other software – with the Skype video calls I run into trouble: the camera was showing the image upside down. Quite funny at first but after a minute or two we were both asking how to fix this? Read More

How to use two Skype accounts on the same computer (run multiple instances)


I received a question this days about how can we open two instances of Skype program in order to use two different account on the same computer. This can be the case when one of your parents need to phone someone from their accounts and you still want to be able to chat with your friends from your account… or  when you have a personal account and a work account and you need to be online on both of them.

In order to open an additional instance of Skype you have to Read More