How to convert Live Photos into GIFs (3 steps)

If you want to convert your Live Photo from iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus into GIFs that’s easy. Even if it’s not an build in option from iOS, you can download a free app to make it work in a very easy, intuitive way.

  1. Download Motion Stills from App Store (App by Google)
  2. Open App and provide access to your photo library.
  3. Choose any Live Photo from the list and share it in GIF format.

How to move your Google Contacts to iCloud

I am an Google user.. i use the calendar and contacts app as daily basis. Since I switched from Android (HTC) to iPhone I kind want to use iCould for it’s smooth integration in iOS. Of course, iPhone provide full integration of Google Contacts but that’s another disscusion.

If you want to move your contacts from Google to iCloud you need to: Read More