Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or greater needs to be installed …

It happens that when you what to use or install a software, a special message will appear: “Microsoft .NET Framework * or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue.” Even if you already have a newer version of .NET Framework it is possible that this message to appear. But there is no need to get upset because an extremely simple thing has to be done: just to install the required version. Thereso, if the message asks for version 3.5 SP 1 then its best not to search and install the latest version but the exact 3.5 SP1 … and let the windows updates service to make the further updates automatically.

In my case, I have Windows 8.1 with all updates: .NET Framework included. When I tried to install a software from HP, there was this message… so the text with “or greater version” is not so accurate. So I’ve done this:

1. Search for the download page of the required software: [link]02-net framework needed

2. Install the .NET 3.5 Framework04-net framework needed


3. Try again to install the software.

And that’s it.

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