Programs open on non-existing second monitor. How to bring them back.

So … I am using 2 monitors at work. One of them start flickering a couple of days ago and today we decided to send it back for replacement. The problem now is that some of my Applications are still opening on the second monitor (that is missing now).

I tried different solution and I found one that is quite simple.

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What is your favorite tweak, theme or tweaking app you use?

In the last days I had a change of emails with Damjan that asked me if I know any cool themes or tweaks for Windows 7. Unfortunately, I am now using the Windows in very classic way… just let everything in the same configuration as default with a couples of settings and organisation I am used to. For example I put a big list of shortcuts in “Links” folder and activate it in the toolbar.

Because I am not aware of any new and awesome tweaks and themes, I ask you to help me… let me know in the comment section if you use tweaks or themes or other apps that make your daily life better.

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How to set Windows 8 Mail App as default to avoid “There is no email program associated to perform the requested action…” error.

Have you ever tried to use the right click/Send option in order to send a file via Email? Have you ever got this error: There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel. Read More

Headphones not working on your laptop? A strange solution that is actually working.

Today, I ran into some trouble connecting my headphones with my laptop. Normally, when you connect some headphones to the 3.5mm jack, the sound switch automatically from speakers to headphones. But not today.

I tried with 2 different pair of headphones and nothing. I restart my computer and nothing. I even restarted with the headphones connected and didn’t work. I started to search internet for solution (like sound drivers or so) but I found a different approach of the problem.

Strange but the first thing to try and I really expected to work was this idea: on kioskea, a guy recommended to turn your pc off and remote power supply and battery and press the power button (like nothing is happening). And yes, it works :)

It is strange but basically doing that is somehow set your the entire electrical circuit to a hardware reset state. So if you have some static electrical charges that have no load -to discharge- (some switched off/floating capacitors) that keeps your system into a strange state, then is not working if you just reset your PC. You need to do this kinda strange trick to put your PC to a “real” switched off state.

If you do this and but battery/plug-in back then you’ll have a nice sound on your headphones :)

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My keyboard is opening different tasks. E open Explorer, F opens search, D showing Desktop

Today I had a quite strange experience with my computer (laptop). While I was playing Starcraft II my commands started to be quite crazy… suddenly when I was selecting individual buildings or made individual tasks, the game started to select all the stuff around and do tasks after tasks with all the selected parts. It was clear for me that somehow my keyboard was stuck (the behavior was like the Shift key is always pressed). I immediately pressed Windows Key + D to show my desktop and the same behavior was performed with my desktop icons. Each time I tried to select something (like click) it was added to my selected stuff.

To unblock the keyboard I simply pressed shift keys, then ctrl keys and after pressing all 4 of them my computer seemed to work fine. So I return to my “peaceful” game.

The strange behavior was actually started when I needed to press different keys. So, when I start typing something into a conversation everything was started to be strange. Different Explorer windows oped-up, search activated, maximize and minimize the game and a suddenly log off. To be honest, my first thought was that I have a virus, something like a RAT software and someone is commanding my computer. But after a moment of fear I had the revelation that all those commands were done by me while the Windows key was somehow blocked. There are a lot of shortcuts in Windows that can trigger those commands. So I pressed the Windows key a couple of times and in that point my computer returned to normal operation.

I can’t explain how can my keyboard got stuck on a couple of buttons at the same time. This was my first and the last time when it happens.

With friendship,Alex

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How to change the letter (name) of your D: E: F: G: drives? [Windows 8 tutorial]

Did you created your drives during Windows installation? In some cases when you have multiple drives on your drive you may not have consecutive letters to your drives after a windows installation. For example, if you install your windows from a USB drive or a CD/DVD drive it frequently happens to have your C: drive as windows installation drive then D: as your USB drive and then the remaining drives like D: E: F … and so on.

So, after you remove your drive you will have non consecutive drive letters like here:

change drive name

How can we change the drive letter from E: to D:? (so we can have consecutive letters)

Simple: go to Control Panel Read More

8 New Apps in Windows 8.1: Alarms, Calculator, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Help and Tips, Reading List, Scan and Sound Recorder

new windows apps

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 will bring you some of new features and also a couple of new Apps.

When you visit Start page, you will have an arrow in the bottom side that can took you to the complete list of apps installed on your device. Here you will see new apps that are notify using the word “NEW” until you have the first visit.

Alarm App Read More

The Windows 8.1 Preview is here. Upgrading from 8.1 – Step by Step pictures

Today is the day. Microsoft released the the Windows 8.1 Preview. For those who already have Windows 8 on their devices and are thinking about updating to Windows 8.1 I will present you the upgrading process. The Windows 8.1 is offered via Store app and no disks or usb memory are required to get the update. The download size is about 2.4 GB and you need around 30 minutes to get the job done after downloading.

In order to upgrade your Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 you have to follow this steps:

1. Visit Microsoft Windows 8.1 download page and click on “Get the update” button. Read More

How to clear the cache of Dropbox

I am a big fan of Dropbox and I think is the online file storage you can find. I recently had an interesting “problem” that I want to share with you.

First, I had a huge folder (around 20GB) on my Dropbox that was copied to my external HDD a couple of days ago. Today I saw that folder on my dropox account and I deleted it using the web interface. My thought was that, the folder will also be deleted in my dropbox folder and those 20GB will be transformed in free space. It was not the case.

The folder disappeared (it was deleted) but the folder size was still very high. I realized then that if you need some free space, you will also need to clear the cache folder that Dropbox is using. Some awesome explanations and  clarification are posted on Dropbox. In order to clear your dropbox cache folder:

1. Browse to


*where Dropbox is your Dropbox folder

2. Delete all the files from this cache folder and clear your recycle bin.

And this operation will get you some free space on your hard drive.