How to clear the cache of Dropbox

I am a big fan of Dropbox and I think is the online file storage you can find. I recently had an interesting “problem” that I want to share with you.

First, I had a huge folder (around 20GB) on my Dropbox that was copied to my external HDD a couple of days ago. Today I saw that folder on my dropox account and I deleted it using the web interface. My thought was that, the folder will also be deleted in my dropbox folder and those 20GB will be transformed in free space. It was not the case.

The folder disappeared (it was deleted) but the folder size was still very high. I realized then that if you need some free space, you will also need to clear the cache folder that Dropbox is using. Some awesome explanations and  clarification are posted on Dropbox. In order to clear your dropbox cache folder:

1. Browse to


*where Dropbox is your Dropbox folder

2. Delete all the files from this cache folder and clear your recycle bin.

And this operation will get you some free space on your hard drive.