How to change the letter (name) of your D: E: F: G: drives? [Windows 8 tutorial]

Did you created your drives during Windows installation? In some cases when you have multiple drives on your drive you may not have consecutive letters to your drives after a windows installation. For example, if you install your windows from a USB drive or a CD/DVD drive it frequently happens to have your C: drive as windows installation drive then D: as your USB drive and then the remaining drives like D: E: F … and so on.

So, after you remove your drive you will have non consecutive drive letters like here:

change drive name

How can we change the drive letter from E: to D:? (so we can have consecutive letters)

Simple: go to Control Panel

change drive name-01

2. Go to System and Security

change drive name-02

3. Click on “Create and format disk partitions” from Administrative tools

change drive name-03

4. A “Disk Management” windows will appears. Right click on the drive whose letter you want to change and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths…

change drive name-04

5. In the new window, click on Change

change drive name-05

6. Assign the desired new letter for your drive (in my case D) and click OK

change drive name-06

7. An warning message will pop-up: “Some programs that rely on drive letters might not run correctly. Do you want to continue?”. Pressing Yes will assign the new letter to your drive.

change drive name-07

And that’s it. The new letter is assigned.

change drive name-08

change drive name-09


One comment

  1. I always find it a bit scary to change such important parts in Windows. I created some virtual drives using virtual clone drive.