My old computer (PC) is loading websites very slow. Sollution to improve the speed?

My old PC is a 512MB RAM, 1.8 MHz Intel processor. I’m using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8. When I browse internet my computer processor usage is 100% and I can’t even scroll-down smoothly. Any way to improve my computer performance on internet?

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This problems are very often nowadays. Old computers are mainly used only to browse internet. You can’t use them to play modern video games or other hardware consuming tasks so you say … I will use it only for internet. The problem is that a preconception still exists and says you don’t need modern/performance computers to browse internet – if is just internet then your 8 years old PC is the same as a new one. And that’s Wrong!

Internet changed enormous it the last few years. Faster computers, faster and increasing number of internet connection and mobile internet led to completely new ways to experience the internet. If internet was used a few years ago only to transmit some information as text and images now it’s completely changed. Games, Music, Movies, Chat, Social activities, editing text documents and presentations and much more are all made without leaving your browser. Google guys was right, we basically spend almost all of our time in front of a web browser and just a few moment with other software. Being able to include all of this activities in a browser means modern website technologies and modern internet browsers.

Old computers can’t keep up with rapidly changing internet. Using some modern internet applications you are asked for a certain minimum hardware resources – processor speed, memory and even video card. Also, the new HTML5 and modern websites includes a big number of scripts. These scrips are small pieces of software downloaded from a website and executed on your local computer. All of this scripts are more and more complex and offer a beautiful web experience but also are slowing down a computer very easily. Same with those big flash advertisements who contribute a lot on hardware consumption. This is why browsing the internet became so hardware consumption in our days and this is why you actually need fast computers to take part in this rich experience.

Some modern solutions to this modern problems of old computers.

1. Use a modern Browser. The best way to browse internet is using a modern browser. Using an old version of Internet Explorer is a strange and poor visual experience, is extremely unsecured and even more hardware resource consuming. Install Firefox or Google Chrome!


2. Block unnecessary scripts.

For firefox install NoScript addon and set it to block(forbid) Script globally.

In Google Chrome, go to Browser settings

On the bottom of this page click on “Show sdvanced settigns…”. Find the Privacy settings and click on “Content settings…” button. Go to JavaScript options and choose “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”.

3. Carefully allow scripts to be executed. Because all the scripts are blocked, some of the websites will not be able to offer you parts of it’s content. For example you will not be able to see YouTube videos and that’s not cool. Ok it’s loading very fast but you need to listen some music or whats a video. No problem, just allow the scripts that make this function.

In case of Firefox it’s very nice because you can allow each individual script from a webpage or allow all. In case of Google Chrome you can only allow all scripts, no individual. The fact that you can allow individual scripts to be run is very useful and important for old computers. And that’s because you can allow, for example, only the scripts that allow that YouTube video to be played and still disable ads and other hidden scripts that will make your video to run slow.

NoScript Firefox Addon – Allow option

Chrome Allow scripts option

Conclusion. You can have a lot better and faster user internet experience even using an 8 years old PC. You only need to understand why browsing internet is so hardware consuming and what are the solutions. Using a modern updated browser you will keep up with modern and complex websites and also dramatically improve browsing speed.

How to catch persons who use fake pictures on Facebook?

Facebook became a very strange place for some users. Because social activities involve, in most cases, finding a partner (lover) you can find it stupid and strange. And just because when people try to impress or court someone they usually do silly things.

A common activity is to tell lies about yourself. And this mean to lie about your age (you are older or younger) or post photos of celebrities/other people (faces, ass, cleavage and so on) and say how nice do you feel and tag yourself … or a lot more other silly lies.

In case of photo lies (fake photos) it’s not that hard to figure it out. And I will explain it why.

1. First, the source of celebrities and other people photos. Very rarely you will find authentic photos and most of the time the photos are downloaded from internet using Google image search.

2. Doubt about a photo?

When we see a very beautiful natural photo of a girl that speaks fluently 5 different languages, is 21 years old and single then we may have some doubts about the authenticity of that person. I’m not saying that there are no persons like this but only that it’s unlikely to find them. Someone who is extremely beautiful, extremely smart is also unlikely to be open to small and stupid talks on Facebook messenger. Something about getting out to a coffee with a completely stranger after just 10 minutes of chat. It might bring some doubts.

3. Use same most comment instrument to clear a doubt. If fake users use Google to search for “nice, cute, beautiful” images then we can use the same tool to figure out the origin of a photo. Google offers you the possibility to search not only by words but also uploading images.

Go to Google images and click on “photo camera” icon. Choose “Upload an image” if you saved a certain image on your computer or use the URL option to directly search after a photo link.

In case of celebrities, Google will figure out the name of the person in that picture and that’s pretty easy. If the person is not recognize than you just click on “All sizes” from the “Find other sizes of this images” or “Find similar images”. A list of similar photos will appear. Find the exact copy of your photo and and catch the fraudster :)

How to change Control Panel to Classic View in Windows 7

Control Panel in Windows 7 is more compact and intuitive with categorized actions (options). But for some users this compact way means some additional unnecessary clicks. This is why a more classic view (more like that in Windows XP) is more practical. To change the Control Panel view you have to:

1. Go to Control Panel. Click on Start icon and type “Control Panel” and hit enter or just click on your Control Panel option.

2. Change view from the “View by” option in the top right of the window. Change it from Category to Large all Small icons.

Large icons view:

Small icons view:

How to remove Recycle Bin icon from Desktop?

One of the most common icon you can see on desktop computers is the “Recycle Bin” icon. For various reasons you may want to remove that icon. To do that you have to:

1. Right click on desktop and choose the last option “Personalize”

2. A new windows appears. Click on “Change Desktop icons” link from the top-left side of the window.

3. Remove the selection of Recycle Bin icon.


How to add Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop

One of the most common icon you can see on desktop is the “Recycle Bin” icon. It’s very handy to have it on Desktop just because the files you delete can still be find in Recycle Bin. This means that you may find it very useful when you want to restore your files or clear some space on your Hard Drive. If you don’t have this icon on your desktop than you can follow this steps to add it back:

1. Right click on desktop and choose the last option “Personalize”

2. A new windows appears. Click on “Change Desktop icons” link from the top-left side of the window.

3. Select the box next to Recycle Bin icon.


How to unlink Facebook from Skype

New versions of Skype bring a lot of awesome features like connecting with Facebook friends, both chat and video call. This mean that you can chat or have video calls from Skype directly with your friends from Facebook, even if they are connected to Facebook through a web browser.

This is quite awesome but can also be a little be strange and uncomfortable. And that’s because when you sign-in on Skype you are automatically online on Facebook messenger. Some people find this feature useful and of course, others no. This is why some may need to know how to unlink your Facebook account from your Skype profile. This can be done very easy:

1. When you connect your Facebook account to Skype you actually provide the access of Skype App to use your profile information. If you want to remove this access you just log in on Facebook and go to “Account Settings”

2. Select “App” from the left menu. Find Skype app in the list and click on “x”, from the right side of the Skype App.

3. A notification message will pop-up. Click on Remove.

Your Skype App will be removed from your Facebook account and your two profiles will be unlinked.