How to unlink Facebook from Skype

New versions of Skype bring a lot of awesome features like connecting with Facebook friends, both chat and video call. This mean that you can chat or have video calls from Skype directly with your friends from Facebook, even if they are connected to Facebook through a web browser.

This is quite awesome but can also be a little be strange and uncomfortable. And that’s because when you sign-in on Skype you are automatically online on Facebook messenger. Some people find this feature useful and of course, others no. This is why some may need to know how to unlink your Facebook account from your Skype profile. This can be done very easy:

1. When you connect your Facebook account to Skype you actually provide the access of Skype App to use your profile information. If you want to remove this access you just log in on Facebook and go to “Account Settings”

2. Select “App” from the left menu. Find Skype app in the list and click on “x”, from the right side of the Skype App.

3. A notification message will pop-up. Click on Remove.

Your Skype App will be removed from your Facebook account and your two profiles will be unlinked.