How to backup my Football Manager 2012 saved data? Where is this stored?

One of the visitors asked me how to backup its Football Manager 2012. He plans to make a fresh reinstall of its operating system (Windows) that implies deleting all the data from C: drive. He already saved its important files except the saved data for his game.

The solution to keep your personal game data is to find the location where the saved data is stored and make a backup copy (on a CD/DVD, flash memory or external hard drive). For this, browse to:

C:\Users\Bogdan\Documents\Sports Interactive

*where C: is my system drive and Bogdan my username.

After you make the changes to your computer (fresh windows) paste this folder back on the same location. In this way, you will be able to continue your game from the same point you left it before any major change to your C: drive.

ty, you changed my life