5 of the best free anti-virus softwares

Here you can find a list of 5 free anti-viruses software, best of them. These solutions are recommended for home users.

  • BitDefender Free Anti Virus Edition

BitDefender Free Edition is your chance to use one of the world’s most effective antivirus engines for free!

BitDefender Free Edition uses the same ICSA Labs certified scanning engines found in other BitDefender products, allowing you to enjoy basic virus protection for no cost at all.

BitDefender Free Edition is an on-demand virus scanner, which is best used in a system recovery or forensics role. If you are on an “always-on” Internet connection, we strongly advise you to consider using a more complex antivirus solution.

BitDefender website

  • avast! Home Antivirus

avast! Free Antivirus is perfect for people who send e-mails and surf popular websites.

avast! website

  • Avira Anti Vir Personal

Avira AntiVir Personal from Avira GmbH protects you computer against viruses,
malware, adware and spyware, unwanted programs and other dangers.

Avira Anti Vir Personal website

  • AVG Anti Virus Free

It’s always been our philosophy at AVG that everyone has the right to basic computer security at no charge. And our 110 million users think we’re doing a pretty good job. So if you’re planning to spend time online and you regularly exchange files with friends, check us out.

  1. Surf, and search with confidence, while LinkScanner® keeps you safe from harmful sites
  2. Get online and offline protection from viruses, spyware, and other nasties
  3. Enjoy consistently high-speed PC performance with our new enhanced virus scanner
  4. Automatic updates keep your protection current
  5. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

AVG Free Anti Virus website

  • Comodo Anti Virus

Computer viruses; We all dread them. Most of us even have a horror story or two about the damage they’ve done. Dozens of antivirus programs exist, with varying prices and different levels of effectiveness. Only this AntiVirus download however, offers total PC protection for free. It’s not some stripped down version of a paid product: it’s the real deal. Scan any drive or file. Get in-depth reports on viral activity. Detect suspicious files that behave like computer viruses do. Even scan compressed .zip files, where viruses often hide. All in one attractive user-friendly interface.

AntiVirus also includes a mechanism for you, the user, to submit any files you find suspicious to the Safe List. Get immediate feedback on possibly viral files: have any other users submitted it? Or has it already been declared PC-friendly and landed on the Safe List? Instant feedback, from our security experts and other PC-users.

Comodo Free Anti Virus website

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