How to Delete Temp Files in Windows Vista

Removing temporary files is a quick and easy task that can help save disk space and keep your PC clean of file clutter. Just follow the step by step directions below to clean out the Temp folder. There are many methods doing that. The easiest two are explained below.

I. Method 1

1.Go to Start->Computer, right click on C drive and click on Properties ( example below ).

2. Click on Disk Cleanup ( example below ).

3. Now mark the Temporary files box ( and other files at your choice ) and click  Ok ( example below ).

Confirm with Delete files and you are done.

II.Method 2

Sometimes  Windows Disk Cleanup is unable to delete all temporary files so i prefer this method.

1.Click on Start, type the following command in the search box, and then hit the Enter key:


This command will open the folder that Windows Vista has designated as the Temporary folder. These are folders and files that Windows needed at one time but are no longer useful. Everything in this folder is safe to delete.

2.After the Temp folder is open you can delete witch files you want or you can delete all files by selecting them with CTRL+A , hit the delete key and confirm files delete.


1.If you’re prompted that there are hidden files in this folder, just click on OK to bypass the message. A few hidden files hanging out in the Temp folder probably aren’t important enough to worry about.

2.You may receive a Error Deleting File or Folder message while the files are being deleted. This just means that one of the files is in use by a program right now. Click OK, close all open programs, and repeat the steps above. If you still receive the message, try restarting your PC and repeating the process again.

Good luck!


  1. thank you, years ago I used to clean the temp file in DOS to clean up performance etc. great instruction above

  2. If you got Error “Deleting File or Folder message” ….I would suggest you to try out Long Path Tool.