How can I hide “born” post from Facebook timeline?

Yesterday I made a clean up on my Facebook profile and deleted/hided all global (public) posts. The problem was with a specific one, the post saying I was born.


I tried to edit my “About” privacy and changed the born year and date to Friends and Only Me and it doesn’t work. Therefore, if you are in the same situation the solution is to change the privacy of the post that was introduced by Facebook.

For this you have to:

1. Go to your Profile Page and Click on “View Activity Log”


2. Browse to the date where the “Born” post was added. In my case 27 December 2011. Click on the edit button and choose “Hidden from Timeline”





  1. i try to delete a born date under my timeline.How cant i get rid of it.I also try my about but there is nothing at all.

    born date on the 13 February,there is no year next to it.Please help

    1. please help me to delete a life born date on the 13 February at 18:17.I event went to about but there is nothing at all. I did not created this life born date,i think is bug

  2. Some idiot liked the born on my timeline. The person is not friens with me. How can I delete the born tab…or disable the like button for that person?

    1. About->Contact basic info-> Under basic information change the visibility of each, date, month and year and save.

  3. I try to delete a born date under my timeline how can i get rid of it.also try my about but there is nothing at all.born date on 02 january,there is no year to it pls help

  4. i want got engaged posted by kadiri kelly dated on july 14th 2014 to be deleted from my facebook timeline.

  5. Hi. Although I’ve followed these steps when I “View as” (whether public or as a certain friend)…the post is still on my profile. Plus I keep seeing one my newsfeed, as others add me, my complete birthdate which I changed to 1916 cos I was frustrated. Lol

    Is it just me?

  6. Thanks finally able to hide my birthyear.I changed my birthday date to make it appear on activity log.when it appeared on activity log I chose hide from timeline