Could not load or run specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry.

Is there a common error that I just run into and I want to share with you.
I installed last month a pretty old piece of software (Borland C) and today I remove it. As usual, I start with control panel -> programs list and click on the remove button after select Borland C. It was a little strange because I didn’t get an wizard to assist me during uninstall process. I assumed that the software is not removed and I went to check the folders were it’s installed (C:\ETC/BC5/). I deleted the BC5 folder and I thought that if the software files are gone and it’s no longer appear in the programs list it means that I got rid of it for good.

But I was wrong. Next time I opened my computer I got this desktop error:

Could not load or run “C:\ETC\BC5\PIPELINE\reminder.exe” specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry.

This reminded me that all the programs are not just some files on a hard drive, it also mean changes in windows registers. If you run into a similar problem you have to clean some register to fix it.

To do that you have to follow some easy steps:

1. click on Start button and type regedit and hit enter key

It will open the Registry Editor

2. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> Windows

3. Remove the “Load” field by right clicking and delete.

4. Restart computer.

This worked for me and hope you’ll find useful to.

What is the “Load” field? When I follow steps above, and (in step 2) open “Windows” I only have one entry there… (Default) REG_SZ (value not set). So where’s the “Load” field that I’m supposed to right-click on and delete?

  1. Do you have any error message as that described above? Could you tell me the exact error that you have?

  • It says “unable to delete all specified values”.

    Any suggestions?

  • The same with me as Janette. I do not have a “Load” option as well. All it says is: (Default) REG_SZ (value not set). And I am not getting an error message. I just want to know how to fix this registry desktop error. Please Help!

  • H. Installation of Help Files
    If you do install Borland C++ 5.02 over an existing
    5.0 installation, you must delete all of the hidden
    .GID files in the BC5\HELP directory before using
    the online Help system again. Otherwise, you will see
    a gray dialog with an OK and Cancel button and no error
    message when you try to use Help.

    hi mr bogdan, i have some problem here. i had install borland c++ 5.02 over
    existing borland c++ 5.0 which i can’t uninstall or remove since my borland appear error “can’t create C:\BC5\BIN\bcwdef.OBR”.

    after i read
    INSTALL.txt above i couldn’t find .GID files. so is that ok if i just delete bc5 folder or what should i do to intall correctly.tq

  • Hi jen.

    If you don’t actually need BorlandC for your C language training I highly recommend you to use a newer software such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse.

    I order to uninstall your current version of Borland just delete whatever files you may created on installation processes. After you deleted all the files you just go back to your programs list and try again to remove it. You should be able to remove it from there just because it does not have it’s files any more.

    Hope that works :)

  • Right click the folder “windows” in the current version when in the explorer, then go to permissions, mark the “full control” for everyone, and then hit apply and OK. you should be able to modify & delete the registry key now.

  • Lo maximo amigo. solucionado con su aporte.


  • I get an error like too but mine mentions the following:

    I tried to delete in the registry but I wouldn’t allow me to delete it.

  • He dude i did as you suggested got rid of LOAD file.

    there is one more file on the same page run – having that same “square” sign should i remove that as well ???

    and there is one more error Desktop error… and same message.. how to remove that??

    Let me know ASAP


  • Yes Hitesh, I also had the same problem I deleted the run file with many “square” sign on it and the problem got resolved.

  • Thanks! I had to right click the windows folder al select full control to delete the registry key, but it worked like a charm. A million thanks!!!

  • This one worked for me. It finally put an end to the irritating error warning “COULD NOT LOAD OR RUN XXX SPECIFIED IN THE REGISTRY” every time my Windows Vista loads. Thanks to Bogdan and Hunter for this wonderful post.

  • This fucking WORKS ! Thanks a fucking bunch my man ! This was tormenting me for the past couple of months, finally nailed it motherfuckers !

  • could not load or run dxfxfh.exe specified in the registry. make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry.

  • this eror is remove from my pc after done the above methos thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…

  • thanks.. it worked. just make sure right click on ‘windows’ and set permissions to ‘full control’.

  • bogdan fix did not work for me on either xp or Vista 32 bit. I cannot find the proper windows folder to edit the register. I get this error on both xp and Vista 32 bit. All I did was go to run and typed in the setup (that did not work). Now I get the following error: could not load or run d:\setup.exe specified in the registry make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry.

  • I got similar error on win Vista. The error pop up every start the windows. I followed the steps above then found the registry but unable to delete it. Any suggestion please!