Installation stuck at “About 0 seconds remaining”

OS X Mavericks installation might stuck with “About 0 seconds remaining” message. Usually this happens due to slow, lost or disconnected of internet connection and this is nothing to be worried about. Most of the time you just need to wait and the installation process will continue in the background.

Sometimes, if you disconnect your internet multiple times during the installation, this process may be really stuck – waiting hours and nothing will happen. To be sure you are on the good track just go to Window -> Installer Log.

This will open an window where you can track the actions of your installation. Select “Show all logs” for a detailed logfile. If you see a message with failed actions that is not changing/updating … the process is stopped. In this case just disconnect your internet connection and wait for a couple of seconds before reconnect. This should force the process to retry.

Check you log file and if you get a message similar to “Got chunk 290 of 508” and counting … then everything is all right and just wait until your computer will normally restart.

Have fun!