How to uninstall office 2007 activation assistant?

Many new computers come with a number of pre-installed software applications. Some are free, some are included in the price of the computer and others are trial versions.

Examples of preinstalled paid software are the operating system (Windows OEM) and the software provided by the manufacturer.

To promote its solutions, Microsoft offers for buyers of new PCs the possibility to activate Office Suite without having to install anything  (it’s pre-installed). In order to support you to the activation steps, Microsoft offers the Microsoft Office 2007 Activation Assistant.

Some users, follow these pre-installed software and are interested in them, but some uninstall them on the first use the computer. To uninstall Microsoft Office 2007 Activation Assistant you have to:

1. Go to Control Panel (Start > Control Panel)

2. Double click “Programs and Features” icon

3. Select “Activation Assistant for Microsoft Office 2007” and then click Uninstall

4. On the new window select Uninstall and then click Next>

then another Next>

then wait until it finishes uninstalling

5. Click Finish to exit

That’s all. It should not longer appear in the programs list.