How to change or setup the default browser in Widows XP, Vista and Windows 7

If you have more than one web browser you should know how to setup your windows to know which browser is used by default. A web browser is a software application who is used to surf and open internet pages. There are a few web browser that you may use or heard about: Internet Explorer by Microsoft, Firefox by Mozilla, Chrome by Google or Opera.

By setting a specific web browser as the default one you tell Windows what is the program that will be lunched when you click on a link to a web page, open a internet shortcut or open an .html file. So, if you prefer a specific web browser you may find important to have it as default in your Windows.

To manage that in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 you must
1. Click on the Start menu, and select Control Panel.
2. Double click on Default Programs than select Set program access and computer defaults

3. Select Custom and underneath Choose a default Web browser click the radio button next to your preferred browser.

That’s all. Click Ok and close the Default Programs Window.