Program still needs to close: Winamp – Force Restart?

If you use Winamp in Windows 7 you may be familiar with this message:

One program still need to close:

(waiting) winamp.exe

To close the program that is preventing Windows from shutting down, click Cancel, and then close the program.

“Force shut down” | “Cancel”

It appears when you try to shut down your computer and have Winamp running. Fortunately, this error was resolved with the new update of Winamp. If you encounter this error go to and download the last version.


    1. Yes. I figure out that the problem persists. I will work on it and I’m trying to find an answer as soon as possible.

      It has a strange behavior because it worked good after I reinstall my Windows but this was only for a few mounts. I think is related somehow to other programs and I will work on finding the exact problem and a better solution.