How can I minimize fullscreen games/applications?

That’s a good question from one visitor.

How can I minimize a full screen game if I don’t have a button to click on?

If you are playing a game (like wow, cs, starcraft …) you may need sometime to minimize it. Maybe you need to connect to skype, check facebook, change music or some other reasons. This mean that you may want to do something else on your computer but without exiting your game.

To do that you have 2 possibilities:

1. Hit your Windows button from keyboard

2. Press alt+tab on your keyboard. First press alt and keep it pressed when you press tab and then release both keys.


  1. both option already tried, but not working.
    when i switched on the computer, my computer launch automatically on Mame game.
    please help how to minimize mame game screen.

    1. Not sure about this exact game … maybe you want to remove it from Startup in order to open you computer into desktop before running your game.