How do i take a screenshot on Windows Vista or Windows 7?

You can take a screen shot of your pc in 2 different ways in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

First, the classic one (works on Windows XP to).

1. Press “Prt Scr” key. Windows will copy to the clipboard a capture of the entire screen.

2. Open Paint application (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories) than hold ctrl key and press v key to paste the capture image.

3. Save it.

If you want to create capture of a single window you should hold alt key and press “Prt Scn” key at step 1 above. This will create a clipboard copy with the capture of your active window (not to the entire screen).

Second, the snipping tool.
You can use Snipping Tool to capture a screen shot of the entire screen or snip objects on your screen and save them as pictures. To do that

1. Open Snipping Tool by clicking the Start -> All Programs -> Accessories, and then click on Snipping Tool.

2. Click the arrow next to the New button to select a snip type from the menu then use your mouse or tablet pen to capture a snip.
3. Click the Save Snip button.

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  1. I actually prefer hitting print screen and pasting it int omspaint, which I think gives you better editing capabilities, but I like this method too. Thanks.