How to include Flash/SWF files intro PowerPoint presentations.

I was working the other days for a presentation about a Fluorescent Lamps… for my presentation I found this very nice Flash animation on howstuffworks that I wanted to include intro my PowerPoint Presentation (

Therefore, I’ve downloaded the .swf file to my hard drive and started to drag and drop, insert file and so on but nothing worked as I expected. Therefore, to include a swf file in your presentation you have to:

  1. Enable “Developer” tab. Click on File -> Options and go to “Customize Ribbon” and check “Developer” option.
  2. From developer tab click on More Controls icon. It should illustrate a screwdriver and a wrenc.
  3. From the list, select Shockwave Flash Object
  4. Draw a rectangle to define the area used to show your flash file (.swf). Drag your mouse on the PowerPoint canvas then right click on it and select Property Sheet.
  5. In the “Movie” property paste the .swf file. It can be directly from internet or can be from your local computer. If SWF file contains an animation set Playing=True.
  6. Press F5 to preview your presenataion.

Have fun!