Yesterday I had to move some files from my computer to a public computer (printer center) using my personal usb memory. After I came back home I inserted back the USB and it was no surprise for me to see a strange behavior.

As a general info … All public computers are infected with all kinds of viruses and computer worms.



The solution for this problem is quite simple … you just let the Windows Defender to do his job. In my case I needed around 5 or 6 restarts. When this warm is detected Windows Defender will immediately try to remove it and for that he will ask you to restart your PC. Is quite frustrating to see that he asks you over and over again and you might think the problem has no solution but it’s ok … just restart whenever you feel comfortable and you will be ok. This warm is searching for personal information like usernames and passwords and he send those information to certain websites/webservers that are automatically blocked by Windows Defender…. therefore, you should be save during removing process, even if you are infected.

If you still feel uncomfortable with this virus you can try to restore your PC to a previous point or to perform a reset to factory settings.

Have fun!