0x0000001A Blue Screen: Memory Management Error

A friend of mine asked me today to support him with an error. First, he notice frequent errors using the web browser (Chrome in his case):


Second, in some cases, when this error is generated, the Windows is also rebooting/restarting.

Having this facts to work with I started with:

1. Reinstall Chrome, clear windows registry, system file checker – same behaviour. Read More

Windows 8 Default Font Download – Repair Kit

A long time ago I’ve offered you a simple solution on how to restore your default fonts in Windows 7. The basic idea is that you can get in real problems if your default system fonts get messed up. For example, when you install too many fonts or even worst, when you allow other software to replace your fonts. In this cases, your explorer, your browser, your games and basically everything on your computer can show strange characters and bad font style.

To repair this error I recommend to restore all your fonts:

1. Go to C:\Windows\Fonts (where C:\ is my Windows drive) and delete as much fonts as you can. (ctrl+a to select all and delete key to delete … skipped where the system couldn’t remove the files)

2. Download the default Font folder  (.zip file, 250MB) :

Download “Windows 8 Default Font Folder” uc – Downloaded 32194 times –

3. Extract the content of that folder.

4. Select all the files in the extracted folder (ctrl+a)

5. Right click and select Install

Enjoy! If you search the default fonts for Windows 7, click here.

L.E.: If you search the default fonts for Windows 10, click here.

How to change or lock Laptop display/image orientation (is rotating 90 degrees)

A lot of people are asking me about the option to rotate the display 90 or 180 degrees. Most of them are using laptop computers that automatically rotates the display when you tilt the laptops. And that’s because those laptops have a sensor that can obtain the orientation of your device exactly like the ones in smartphones or tablets.

For some users, this automatically orientation of the display is quite annoying while they are never using their laptops in different position than the classic one. For example, if you take your laptop from your desk to your bed you can easily get your display rotated 90 degrees when you actually don’t need it.

In order to get back your screen in the normal orientation you can simply press at the same time the following keys: CTRL+ALT+UP arrow.


If you want to disable the automatically orientation of your display you can fly with you mouse to the right of your display and click on “Settings” from the menu.


Then, click on “Screen” and press the small icon on top (“Turn off autorotate”).


And this should work. You can also right click on desktop and choose “Screen resolution”. There you have an option “Allow the screen to auto-rotate”.


How to log off in Windows 8

Have you ever asked yourself how to lock your Windows 8 PC? What about logging off?


If you press the power button in Windows 8, you will get an menu with “Sleep”, “Shut down” and “Restart”. If you are expecting to find an Hibernate or a Log Off option you will be disappointed. About the Hibernate button we already talked in this post. But what about logging off?

Well … this is simple … just click on your name in top right of the start screen. And the log off is now changed in Sign Off while Microsoft is expecting that your Windows 8 device is more likely to be connected to internet. Have fun!

Unable to open connection file Default.rdp

At work I am usually using my office computer via an “Remote Desktop Connection” while I in a different rooms. Today I stepped over an error that says “Unable to open connection file – C:\Users\Bogdan\Documents\Default.rdp” while I tried to open the remote desktop application.

I searched for solutions via internet and the most simple way to clear this error was to actually delete the file that contains the default connection.

1. So, I just browsed into my computer down to “C:\Users\Bogdan\Documents


Here, if you show the hidden files, you will be able to spot “Default.rdp”

2. Close any remote Remote Desktop Connection errors or open programs and delete the default file.


3 Finally, open again a new Remote Desktop Connection. The error should be cleared now. A new Default.rdp file will be created.

Have fun!

RalinkCheckBTDev is using a lot of processor resources


A  couple of days ago I’ve updated my Bluetooth driver in order to repair a problem of my “always white wifi button“. Also, I’ve made an update to all my Wi-Fi Adapter drivers. Since then when I’m starting my computer, a lot of processor resources are used by a process called “RalinkCheckBTDev”.

I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro 64bits on a Read More

Automatically “Sleep” issue in Windows 8.1

A lot of withsteps users came to me and ask for help having an issue with turning their computers to sleep automatically. Basically, there is a setting in Windows that will set your computer to sleep automatically when you are idle (let’s say for 15 minutes). But it doesn’t work …. any ideas how to fix this?

You can get some good help following this posts:

  • http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/28226-windows-8-1-refuses-sleep-3.html
  • http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/238ec268-a2dc-49ab-8a75-c185710e086a/windows-81-sleephibernate-issues?forum=w8itprohardware
  • http://superuser.com/questions/642922/windows-8-1-wont-sleep-when-idle
  • http://techreport.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=89967
  • https://www.google.com/#q=sleep+issues+windows+8.1

All the settings and cotrols in a single place: Super Mode for Windows 8

Have you ever asked yourself about a folder in Windows which contains all the settings and controls of your OS? Usually you need to go in different places to find configuration options unless you heard about the Super Mode [via].

SuperMode is a special folder in Windows 8 that contains all the shortcuts to control panel settings and configuration options. SuperMode is similar to All Tasks or Master Control Panel in Windows Vista or God Mode in Windows 7 [via].

In order to create this folder you need to follow some very simple steps and to have the knowledge of a special code.  Let’s see how: Read More

My webcam is upside down (vertically inverted) – How to repaire it in Skype?


Two days ago I helped a friend to get its clean install of Microsoft Windows 7 when I run into a problem. While everything was nice and smooth – drivers, office and other software – with the Skype video calls I run into trouble: the camera was showing the image upside down. Quite funny at first but after a minute or two we were both asking how to fix this? Read More

How to use two Skype accounts on the same computer (run multiple instances)


I received a question this days about how can we open two instances of Skype program in order to use two different account on the same computer. This can be the case when one of your parents need to phone someone from their accounts and you still want to be able to chat with your friends from your account… or  when you have a personal account and a work account and you need to be online on both of them.

In order to open an additional instance of Skype you have to Read More