All the settings and cotrols in a single place: Super Mode for Windows 8

Have you ever asked yourself about a folder in Windows which contains all the settings and controls of your OS? Usually you need to go in different places to find configuration options unless you heard about the Super Mode [via].

SuperMode is a special folder in Windows 8 that contains all the shortcuts to control panel settings and configuration options. SuperMode is similar to All Tasks or Master Control Panel in Windows Vista or God Mode in Windows 7 [via].

In order to create this folder you need to follow some very simple steps and to have the knowledge of a special code.  Let’s see how:

1. Minimize all windows and right click on your desktop. Go to New -> Folder


2. Type the following name to the new folder created:




3. When you will open that folder you will find a large list of control settings categorized as follows: Action Center (18), Add features to Windows 8 (1), Administrative Tools (10), AutoPlay (3), BitLocker Drive Encryption (1), Color Management (1), Credential Manager (2), Date and Time (4), Default Programs (2), Device Manager (1), Devices and Printers (12), Display (9), Ease of Access Center (26), Family Safety (1), File History (2), Folder Options (5), Fonts (4), HomeGroup (3), Indexing Options (1), Internet Options (15), Keyboard (2), Language (2), Location Settings (1), Mouse (8), Network and Sharing Center (11), Notification Area Icons (7), Performance Information and Tools (2), Personalization (9), Phone and Modem (1), Power Options (9), Programs and Features (8), Region (6), RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (1), Sound (4), Speech Recognition (3), Storage Spaces (1), Sync Center (1), System (24), Taskbar (4), Troubleshooting (11), User Accounts (10), Windows Defender (1), Windows Firewall (2), Windows Mobility Center (2), Windows Update (4)



Wallpaper? ;)