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How can I minimize fullscreen games/applications?

That’s a good question from one withsteps.com visitor.

How can I minimize a full screen game if I don’t have a button to click on?

If you are playing a game (like wow, cs, starcraft …) you may need sometime to minimize it. Maybe you need to connect to skype, check facebook, change music or some other reasons. This mean that you may want to do something else on your computer but without exiting your game.

To do that you have 2 possibilities:

1. Hit your Windows button from keyboard

2. Press alt+tab on your keyboard. First press alt and keep it pressed when you press tab and then release both keys.

How to setup Firefox to save tabs on exit and display them on restart?

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser that is the second most widely used with approximately 25% of worldwide usage share of web browsers. This means that there are some good chances that you visit this page using Firefox.

If you are an older user of Firefox, you may remember that one time this nice browser used to ask on exit if you want to save your tabs and then it displays them on restart. That was a pretty nice feature and very useful. Now, with newer versions, when Firefox starts, a single window is opened, displaying your specified home page. But if you wish, you can configure Firefox to open all windows and tabs from your previous session.

To do that you have to:

1. Click on “Firefox” button at the top of the Firefox window and select Options.

2. Select the General panel.

3. On Startup section select “Show my windows and tabs from last time.” next to “When Firefox starts”.

4. Click OK to close the option window.

And that should work.

How can I hide my email on facebook?

Problem: “Is there a way to set Facebook so that my e-mail address as not displayed/public?”

Solution: Facebook privacy settings

The new design for privacy settings on Facebook creates some difficulties on the first view. If you are a privacy freak, you may find disturbing this new “Privacy Settings” page. There are definitely a lot of changes and you may not be able to find the settings that you easily find before. A lot of privacy settings buttons and options has changed their place and can not be found anymore in the “Privacy Settings” page.

For example, your email address is set in your profile settings. Now, your privacy settings of your email address is also available in profile settings next to your email(emails). If you need to make it private (not public) you should make it visible just for you. To do that you should:

1. Go to your Profile page

2. Under your name you’ll find some information about yourself (like location, date of birth or studies). From there click “Edit Profile“.

3. Go to “Contact Information” from the list in the left.

4. In this page you can modify your personal contact information and privacy – including email privacy. You may have one or more email addresses in your Facebook account. For each one you should notice a little button on the right. Click on that button and choose “Custom”.

5. A window will pop-up. Choose “Only Me” from “Make this visible to”.

After you choose to be visible just for you, click on “Save Changes”.

In this way, your email address will be visible in your account only if you are logged in with your details. Will not be visible from your friends accounts of from any other account.