How to repair Windows 7 in sony vaio without any C.D/DVD/USB

Questions Category: Windows How to repair Windows 7 in sony vaio without any C.D/DVD/USB
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hello Sir
I’m not a pro and neither i’ve used any ubuntu/linux nor i’ve created any bootable USB stick. So i would prefer simple, riskfree, stressfree procedure. I want a fresh win 7 installation but i dont have any genuine win7 cd and since my laptop comes with genuine win7, i would like to use that. So my question is how.
I have not created any backup c.d so, it would be helpful if you can tell me the entire procedure step by step.
How to reinstall win 7 using sony Vaio care.(things i require etc).
P.S :- I can copy all my personal stuff from D: drive to my external HDD(so no worries about data loss) and one more thing my vaio hdd capacity is 320GB but my (C: 149GB + D: 136GB = 285GB), 35 gb missing ?

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Bogdan Staff answered 2 years ago

Thank you for visiting In your case I imagine you just need a fresh Windows 7 install, no special problems with your PC. If your computer is healthy then you don’t need to think about any of the crazy discussion you can find on this website… not even need the recovery disks or any advance computer skills, is very simple and stressfree.
To be able to do this you need:
No changes to your HDD drive partitions (you need to have your healthy partition intact… and here i respond to you regarding those missing 35 GB … you have the normal partitions that are visible to you and also a hidden partition that contains all the files needed to restore your computer. Like Windows 7 isntalation files and all the drivers for your pc)
VAIO Care software
Patience while you might night around 2 hours for this operation :)
In order to recover your VAIO PC to factory settings (delete all data and install a brand new Windows copy) you have to:
1. Back-up all your data on external drive (guess that’s already done)
2. Go to Start -> All Programs -> “VAIO Care” folder -> “VAIO Care” Application
3. Go to “Recovery & Restore” in the left pane and choose “Recovery” -> “Recover Computer.
4. Choose Yes to restart your PC
5. Choose “Tools” from VAIO Care Rescue.
6. Choose “Start Advanced Recovery Wizard“. Skip the “Rescue” option.
7. Choose “Factory Condition” and then Next
8. Then “Yes, I’m Sure” and after that “Start Recovery” and your VAIO will start the process.
9. Follow the simple instructions that might take you around 2 hours.
10. Enjoy your fresh VAIO PC ;)

Take care and let me know if you need further assistance.