AOMEI PE Builder (Free) – awesome alternative to Linux Live

Download “AOMEI PE Builder FREE” PEBuilder.exe – Downloaded 158 times –

If you ever asked a question on this site and you needed to backup your data after OS failure I tend to encourage your to create a bootable USB or DVD with some linux distribution that has “live” option. This means that you are able to operate your computer and access your files from your hardware without make any change to your currently operating system (OS).

For example, you have a PC running Windows 7 operating system and you recently have installed a new driver for one of your PC components/devices. You are asked to restart your PC and after you do that you get the blue screen and you are not able to load your Windows any more. You really need to access one of the files from your PC. What can be done? read more »

How to backup your System drives on external HDD

Hi. Last days I made an update to my system, I replaced my HDD with an SSD. After a couple of days I decided to keep my old HDD into the laptop as a storage drive. Therefore, I found an awesome solution, using and HDD Caddy/adapter, I was able to replace my optical drive (never used it in the last year) with my old HDD.

how to backup data

Also, I have an external drive that I want to use it as an backup (not a big fan of storing all my personal data on cloud services).

In conclusion my system is composed from: Drive C (SSD, system), Drive D (local HDD, storage), Drive G: (external HDD, backup).

I searched for some solutions to do the backup and I think the best one is to create a “System Image Backup“. To do this you have to:

1. Search for Backup using Windows Search read more »