What to do when clicking on start troubleshooting (pressing assist button) nothing happens instead of that vaio logo ?

I have installed Windows 10 Technical preview in my vaio using the iso file manually. After Experiencing Windows 10 , I came to know that its quite Buggy now.
That’s why i decided to revert back to Preinstalled windows 8 as in every Vaio model.
I shut down my vaio and press the assist button then a window appear , in that when i click on ” Start troubleshooting(recovery) ” , then nothing happened i wait for 10 minutes but it shows only black screen on which only vaio is written.
 Now , I want to revert back to window 8 preinstalled.
Please Help me out sir to do so.

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Anonymous February 3, 2015

Did you format/delete your partitions during Windows 10 installation?
Your VAIO has a special hidden partition (recovery partition) where you have all the files required to recover your VAIO (Windows and drivers). If you delete that partition you will not be able to recover your system using assist button. You might need the DVD’s instead.
Check if you still have the recovery partition intact.


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