How to select de best web camera for me?

If you need a webcam to keep in touch with your friends and relatives around the world, and your are facing with the hard decision of choose what it’s best, you may find this article useful. Are you asking you which webcamera is best for you, and are there any special features you should look for?

I should tell you that there are tons of webcams available, but all have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s possible to pick your way through the minefield of options though, and we’ve rounded up three of the best to suit every situation.

Solution 1: Best for use with slow broadband.

It’s tempting to pay top dollar for a high resolution webcam, but the reality is no matter how sharp its images on your screen, by the time they reach the person you’re chatting with they’ll have been compressed, mangled, and won’t look nearly as good. The slower your broadband, the worse the quality will be, so it’s pointless forking out for an expensive webcam if your connection’s a bit naff.

Solution 2: Best for chatting on the same network

High quality webcams come into their own when you’re chatting on the same network. The high speed connections between the computers will guarantee perfect quality, so it’s worth getting a high resolution model. If you use video conferencing at work, for example, they’ll guarantee top quality video pictures at a reasonable price.

3: All-in-one bundle

Some webcams come bundled with other accessories. USB hubs, microphones and headsets can all be included, and could save you a packet.

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