How to watch 3D movies on normal display (PC/Laptop)

Ever wonder if you can watch 3D movies on your normal display? Or what technology is behind this?

Well, than basic idea of 3D images is that each of your eyes must see a slightly different image. The technique for creating the illusion of depth in a image is very old and is called Stereoscopy.

Stereoscopy creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth from given two-dimensional images. Human vision, including the perception of depth, is a complex process which only begins with the acquisition of visual information taken in through the eyes; much processing ensues within the brain, as it strives to make intelligent and meaningful sense of the raw information provided. One of the very important visual functions that occur within the brain as it interprets what the eyes see is that of assessing the relative distances of various objects from the viewer, and the depth dimension of those same perceived objects.

In nowadays, there are 2 main commercial uses of 3D technology, one called Anaglyph 3D and one Polarized 3D. Anaglyph 3D encodes images used by each eyes using filters of different colors (red and cyan) while Polarized 3D uses filters that will allow only images that have similar polarization.

In cinemas and modern TV’s you will usually find the polarized glasses. In normal display’s (PC, Laptop, Tablet…), magazines you will use Anaglyph 3D. Therefore, if you want to watch a 3D video (a movie or a YouTube 3D videos) using your normal display then you need a Anaglyph glasses and required software to play the video.

1. The glasses: a couple of bucks from Amazon.


2. Software. I recommend KMPlayer.

For example, a 3D movie file played with normal software will show 2 different images one next to another like this:

normal 3d movie

In order to see the movie in Anaglyph, open the file in KMPlayer and press 3D button.

3D movie at home

Now use your glasses and enjoy!

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