Winamp has stopped working

Today I updated my Winamp to the new version (5.6). After a while I found and installed a lyrics plugin that looked pretty good. After this installation I was unable to open Winamp again because I get the message that “Winamp has stopped working“. So, it was obvious that the lyrics plugin is no longer compatible with this new version and I have to remove it.

First, to remove the lyrics plugin, I checked the “Control Panel\Programs and Features” but there’s nothing. This plugin is just some files in the Winamp directory. So, to remove it you should delete some files.

1. For example, my winamp is installed on “C:\Program Files\Winamp\” (most of the time you have the same directory and drive architecture). Find your Winamp directory.

2. Under Winamp folder you find a “Plugins“, open it. (my case: “C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins“)

3. The lyrics plugin install these files and folders:

Winamp Lyrics Documentation\Leame.txt
Winamp Lyrics Documentation\Readme.txt
Winamp Lyrics Skin\lyrics.bmp
Winamp Lyrics Skin\lyrics.txt
Winamp Lyrics Skin\skin.txt

Delete “gen_lyrics_ie.dll” “ files and “Winamp Lyrics Documentation” “Winamp Lyrics Skin” folders from “C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins“.

4. Start Winamp and enjoy your music.

Thanks, this really helped!